Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Promo Video!

As it turns out, the three of us are all a bit camera-shy. These last few weeks we have been working on a video which would summarize and introduce the trip. Since none of us are incredibly tech savvy, we reached out to our mutual friend and video guru Bailey Muholland. Bailey is a fellow senior at Luther College and works in the video bureau there.

The video process started with a few think tank sessions where we decided to include us biking (no surprise there), an interview, and a scene of us planning the trip on a map. Lucky for us, Bailey is no rookie and she helped direct us towards the most efficient, camera friendly locations for filming. Over the course of a couple weeks we shot the footage for our video.

Initially, we started filming at one of our favorite planning locations, the Oneota Food Co-op here in Decorah. Before we could do that, we needed to get a large atlas from Decorah's Public library, which is downtown near the Co-op. We had a lot of fun filming at the co-op because Bailey was not recording sound, so it gave us a chance to construct the overall route for our trip.

The next scene filmed was my personal favorite. We finally were able to get the bikes out! For this step we enlisted the help of another friend, Erik Dotseth. The plan was to film the three of us riding around Decorah. Bailey ramped up her commitment to the project by putting her life on the line. While Erik drove Bailey filmed, hanging out the window and sun-roof. Erik supplied us with a Go-Pro for the day which we immediately strapped onto Jonathan's head. So if there is a ton of footage of Ben's butt, that is why!

The final scene took place in the Union at Luther College. We pirated a couch, which all three squeezed in on to and proceeded to completely freeze up on camera. We filmed for around thirty minutes and all took turns repeating the same information in hopes one of us would be able to articulate it intelligently. All in all, the video turned out great and we are so thankful to everyone who helped us out with it.

- Kai

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